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Welcome to the Academic Publications Portal of the Keck USC Transfusion Free & Patient Blood Management Program.  Over the years we have built large clinical practices around tertiary surgery performed on Jehovah’s Witness patients.  In the course of this practice we have been confronted with the logistical and clinical hurdles of performing increasingly complex surgical procedures without using major blood components as part of our armamentarium.  Our articles are an exposition of these pathways as we have successfully developed them.  The broad implication here is that, while these articles and techniques deal largely with a Jehovah’s Witness transfusion-free cohort, the application of these techniques to mainstream patient blood management strategies should be obvious.   Please select from the menu of the articles to hyperlink to any particular article.


Blood-Management Programs: A Clinical and Administrative Model with Program Implementation Strategies
Christopher Tokin, Jose Almeda, MD, Saurabh Jain, MD, MRCS, Jennifer Kim, Randy Henderson, Mitra Nadim, MD, Linda Sher, MD, Robert R Selby, MD
The Permanente Journal/ Winter 2009/ Volume 13 No. 1
Keywords:  Transfusion-Free, liver transplant, Jehovah’s Witnesses
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Live Donor Liver Transplantation without blood products_SelbyLive Donor Liver Transplantation Without Blood Products: Strategies Developed for Jehovah’s Witnesses Offer Broad Application
Nicolas Jabbour, MD, Singh Gagandeep, MD, Rodrigo Mateo, MD, Linda Sher, MD, Earl Strum, MD, John Donovan, MD, Jeffrey Kahn, MD, Christian G. Peyre, MD,
Randy Henderson, Tse-Ling Fong, MD, Rick Selby, MD, and Yuri Genyk, MD
Annals of Surgery • Volume 240, Number 2, August 2004

Keywords:  Transfusion-Free, liver transplant, Jehovah’s Witnesses