The Transfusion-free Surgery Program at Keck USC – Defining our role

By Randy Hendrson and Alexander Pérez


As healthcare administrators and business leaders for the Transfusion-free Surgery and Patient Blood Management Program at Keck USC, our roles are varied and we’re often called upon to wear many hats. At times, some have confused us with the Hospital Liaison Committee for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Just to “set the record straight” we do not serve as members of this committee but we do work very closely with them.

Our primary role is to maintain the integrity of the Transfusion-free surgical program at every level of care within our facility. This includes creating and implementing policies and procedures, educating staff and working as a liaison between the community, patients, physicians and our hospitals.

When it comes to patient access into our health system, we are essentially your primary point of contact. We actively work with patients and their families to help them navigate various insurance systems and help them gain entry for both elective procedures and urgent admissions.

Community outreach and program development is also an essential role that we play at Keck USC. We work very closely with the Jehovah’s Witness community, as well as outside hospitals serving as a resource for transfusion-free care and a referral source to participating physicians.

Here is a short list of some of the “hats” we wear at Keck USC:

  • Managing the day to day administration of our office
  • Conducting policy and procedure audits with hospital staff
  • Making referrals and recommendations for potential patients
  • Serving as liaisons for urgent transfers
  • Marketing and networking with the community
  • Serving as editors and publishers for our clinical and community newsletters.
  • Conducting education and orientation for nursing staff and physicians
  • Developing new hospital initiatives
  • Maintaining program statistics and developing reports to analyze activity and volume metrics
  • Developing hospital wide blood management initiatives for our facilities
  • Regularly conducting community outreach programs and professional educational programs for physicians both locally, regionally and nationally
  • Actively conducting business outreach with local hospitals and clinics
  • Daily patient rounding (visits) and documentation
  • Regular pre-operative patient education prior to scheduled surgeries or procedures
  • Serving on hospital committees involving bio-ethics, safety, process and quality improvement for our hospitals and programs.

As you can imagine, we are very busy serving the needs of our patients and our hospitals. We thank all of you for using us as a resource and choosing Keck USC for your healthcare needs. We hope we can serve you in the near future and share our expertise with you.